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Penny Stocks on the Move on July 2nd: IWSY, NTEK, XUII, DPHS

Penny Stocks on the Move on July 2nd: IWSY, NTEK, XUII, DPHS

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IWSY logoImageWare Systems, Inc. (IWSY) – Today, IWSY dethroned XUII as the most heavily traded penny stock on the OTC Markets. IWSY stock continues flying up without any recent corporate updates and the stock is chasing another record high value.

Currently shares of IWSY stock are trading 6% higher at $2.82 per share on a higher than average volume of 322 thousand. Within the first trading hour of the current session IWSY generated a trade value of $900 thousand.

Yesterday IWSY registered its sixth in row positive session after closing 2.7% higher at $2.67 per share on a much higher than average volume.

Today, the stock opened with a gap up at $2.70 and shot straight up to an intraday high of $2.83 per share. After the last close the company’s market capitalization bulged to $208 million.

NTEK logoNanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) – It seems it is correction time for NTEK today as the stock fell below the previous close shortly after the opening bell. Currently NTEK is trading under increased selling pressure despite the new press release which was published today via OTC Disclosure and News Service.

NTEK announced that it had expanded its relationship with content partner Hannover House. If market players got impressed by the news, the effect was visible only for a couple of minutes after the opening bell as the stock opened with a gap up at $0.08 and reached an intraday high at $0.083 per share.

At 10:00am, however, NTEK had dropped down to an intraday low at $0.065 and currently it is trading 5.5% lower at $0.07 per share on a two times higher than average volume of 10 million.

Yesterday, after the company announced a licensing agreement with MGE Inc. its stock rose 24% to $0.074 per share on a volume of 25 million which pushed up NTEK’s market capitalization to $40.6 million. Today, it seems that market speculators have decided to take back some profits from the recent momentum run of NTEK stock.

XUII logoXumanii (XUII) – Today, XUII is lagging behind IWSY and NTEK but it still remains one of the most actively traded penny stocks on the OTC Markets. Currently shares of XUII stock are trading 7% lower at $0.255 per share on a below average volume of 2.1 million. Additionally, the trade value generated by XUII reached $570 thousand within the first trading hour of the session.

XUII stock has been under selling pressure since the start of the week as a press release published on Friday announced that George Sharp had initiated a lawsuit against several public companies, including XUII, for violations of California Business and Professional Codes. Mr Sharp stated that the mentioned companies had employed “devious and deceptive tactics, including using offshore email servers in order to hide the true source of spam emails, in their quest to conduct stock fraud also known as pump and dump scheme”.

Yesterday, XUII lost 5.5% of its stock value after more than 7.3 million shares changed hands and at the moment XUII is touching its 50-MA, so penny stock traders will have to watch the stock closely as it fights with the moving average.

DPHS logoDephasium Corp. (DPHS) – It looks like today DPHS has been a victim of a pump and dump scheme as the stock dropped down sharply after a last minute campaign on the company was unleashed on the market.

According to online databases fifteen minutes before the opening bell newsletters touting DPHS started flooding investors’ inboxes and since then around seven promoters have joined the promotion. Disclaimers show that the campaign had been ordered by Equities Awareness Group and Slo 3 Holdings LLC for the total amount of $215 thousand.

Much to common stock traders’ horror, DPHS value declined sharply as soon as the market opened and is currently trading 43% lower at $0.63 per share on a volume of 5.6 million.

Besides the promotion, penny stock players also collided with a press release today, which was published via Business Wire. It announced that DPHS had detected that its stock had been listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange by an unidentified third party, without the approval, consent or knowledge of the company.

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