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Who is Penny Stock Genius?

Penny Stock Genius | Winning Penny Stock Picks.

Penny Stock Genius is a top resource for Traders looking to profit from short term movements of microcap stocks on the OTC Markets.

We are a team of seasoned investors with years of combined trading experience. Our focus is primarily on smallcap and microcap stocks, such as the undervalued penny stocks that you would find on the Rusell Microcap Index.

The stocks that we cover mainly trade on the OTCBB and OTC Markets such as OTC Pink and OTCQB. We also screen for AMEX and NASDAQ penny stocks, because these markets can often yield value microcaps.

We follow nearly every penny stock newsletter and penny stock blog on the internet to bring you only the best stock picks. Our team monitors these penny stock newsletters to find opportunities to trade on volume spikes and volatility.

We take into account several different factors when assessing the value of a company; including share structure, capitalization, competence of management, and viability of the business plan.

By signing up for our newsletter you not only get the benefit of our teams research and experience and an opportunity to join us in making huge profit from the hottest penny stocks. Avoid the other penny stock scam newsletters that are only there to deceive you. The smart money trades with us!

You will get penny stock picks that include tips for day traders, swing traders and value investors. We bring you the penny stocks to watch and important otc market news along with the occasional deal for a service or trading tool that we love.

Read our newsletter and you will be a more informed and better investor. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the next penny stock success stories!

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