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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 29, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 29, 2013

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Top Promoted OTC Markets Securities: ASAB, RBCC, IALS

Yesterday, investors on the US markets acted cautiously in light of the forthcoming meeting of the Federal Open Markets Committee which will determine Fed’s monetary policy. Negative news from the real-estate sector also casted a damp over investors’ mood.

The briefing of the FOMC will take place tomorrow, so this factor will keep affecting the US markets today as well. Investors are also awaiting the numbers for several important fundamental indicators, including Retail Sales, Producer Price Index and Consumer Confidence Index.

Penny Stock Investors will also keep an eye on the most intensively promoted OTC Markets securities since the last closing bell. In this regard, online databases have registered significant market awareness activities which aim to affect the forthcoming session on the OTC Markets:

ASAB logoAllerayde SAB, Inc. (ASAB) – ASAB is a brand new promotion on the penny stock market and the third parties behind the campaign doesn’t seem to be stingy. The campaign on ASAB, which was started today just at the beginning of the trading session, had cost $515,000 according to online databases.

Online registers show five different promoting websites touting the company at this stage – Equities on the Rise, Bling Bling Penny Stocks,, Get Rich Penny Stocks, and Stock Palooza.

ASAB chartASAB is a company developing and manufacturing an innovative anaphylaxis pen product and other consumer healthcare products for allergy and eczema patients. Apparently at this stage investors have a moderately high estimation of the company as it is currently valued at $45 million.

ASAB stock price has been going up since mid-September. During this period the value of ASAB shares increased from $0.25 to $0.50 per share. dog food secrets review21 day sugar detox reviewprivata hyresvärdar i göteborg However, the current promotion have resulted in a detrimental trading session for the company today, as its stock crashed down severely in the first couple of hours after the opening bell.

ASAB opened the trading session at $0.52 and jumped up to $0.57 per share in the first couple of minutes of the session. However, later on the stock sharply changed course and fell down to an intraday low at $0.25 per share. ASAB partly recuperated and at the moment it is trading at $0.40 per share which is 20% lower than the previous close. This dramatic scenario is happening on a higher than average volume of 1.9 million.

Investors have bet on a risky game today choosing to follow the promotion, as ASAB has actually provided no corporate updates whatsoever since August. In addition most of the third parties supporting the promotion of ASAB have remained anonymous, which increases the chances of their having a hidden agenda on the stock.

RBCC logoRainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) – Online databases have also registered a promotional campaign on RBCC. Although the promotion on the company is being led by only one promoter, called OTC Stock Pick Newsletter, the campaign is worth noticing, as it is one of the most expensive ones for today.

The newsletter’s disclaimer do not reveal the name of the third party sponsoring the campaign but they reveal that the promoter spreading the newsletter on RBCC had received $30,000 for the service.

RBCC chartFor the last two months RBCC stock has formed a down trend which brought the stock down from $0.26 to $0.1 per share. However, last week the company managed to reverse the trend with a signle press release which announced that the company was nearing a “huge breakthrough” in addiction therapy. The company said that it was close to delivering a “revolutionary new product poised to potentially change the lives of millions of drug and alcohol addicts around the globe.”

The news release stirred the penny stock markets, so during the last three trading sessions RBCC stock managed to ascend from $0.10 to $0.16 per share.

Today, despite the promotion, RBCC has generated a trading volume below the monthly average while the price of RBCC shares is up 6% to $0.17.

IALS logoInterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. (IALS) – IALS is once again grappling for market’s attention. This became apparent after online databases detected another issue of paid newsletters dedicated to the company.

Today IALS, which has been regularly promoted in the last couple of months, is being touted by Why Penny Stocks, Penny Play of the Day and Stock Meets. Online registers show that the total compensation received by these three promoters was $23,000. Unfortunately, no information was provided about the third parties behind the company which have apparently decided to stay behind the curtains, for one reason or another.

IALS chartIALS has not issued any press releases since its corporate update in mid-September when it announced that the company had entered into a technology consulting and facilities management agreement with Advanced Global Ventures Inc. The lack of fundamental stimulation was probably the reason why IALS entered into a consolidation phase since the beginning of October.

Prior to that the stock experienced a precipitous down trend which happened despite, or maybe due to the regular promotional campaigns. Over the course of August and September IALS declined from $0.50 to $0.015 per share.

Today, IALS trades below the monthly average showing that penny stock investors may have become resistant to the pumping efforts on the stock. Currently shares of IALS stock trade 5% higher at $0.021 per share.

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