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Promoted Stocks Daily Review

Promoted Stocks Daily Review

Posted: May 8, 2013 in :Uncategorized with 0 comments

Today, our radar has detected a handful of small cap companies that are lining up on the OTC Markets start line with a back-up of paid promotions and here is the list:

Novus Acquisition and Development Corp (NDEV) – the most expensive promotion for the day has been dedicated to NDEV, a venture company focused on early to mid-stage investments which is traded on the Pink Sheets market:

  • Total compensation: $150,000
  • Promoters: Stock Mister, Darth Trader, Penny Stock Psycho, Marquee Penny Stocks, Penny Dreamers, Psycho Penny Stocks, Penny Stocks Rumors, Winning Penny Stocks Picks, Super Hot Penny Stocks
  • Paying parties: M and M Asset Management Group, Micro-Cap Consultants

The promotion on the company was actually started yesterday and had been influencing the stock throughout the last trading session. In the end NDEV finished 7.69% higher at $0.28 per share on a total traded volume of 3.6 million shares. Apparently the generated volume was enough to soak the shares dumped by promoters and third parties as the stock didn’t finish in red numbers but no one knows how many shares the same people, who seem intent to continue pumping the stock, may still hold.

World Assurance Group Inc. (WDAS): – another noticeable promotion for today is that of WDAS:

  • Total compensation: $45,000
  • Promoters: Penny Stock Circle, The Stock Scout, Damn Best Penny Stocks, 1-2-3 Stock Alerts
  • Paying Parties: Emerging Media Group

WDAS is a mobile digital media company which is focused on mobile advertising and is traded on the Pink Sheets market. Investors must note that the company has already been promoted two months ago on March, 5th when it produced a chance for a max profit of 7.44% but eventually closed the session 48% lower.

The last newsletter campaign of Penny Stock Circle and Penny Stock Scout on Tandy Brands Accessories Inc. (TBAC) on May,6th resulted in a max profit of 134% but their previous promotions resulted in only brief, single digit chances for profit. WDAS’s chart shows that the stock has been sliding in an neutral trend for the last couple of months with much lower average trading volume which is a good set up for a promoted stock.

Great American Energy Inc. (SRBL) – the company has been continuously promoted since it started trading in February this year. Today, we detected another wave of its promotional campaign:

  • Total compensation: $37,000
  • Promoters: HSP Team, Small Cap All Stars, The Stock Brainiac, Premier Equity Reports, Investor News Source, Trade These Picks, Shazam Stocks, Stock Edge
  • Paying Parties: Meson Consulting LLC, Lake Group Media, Investor News Source

As we already mentioned the stock has been continuously promoted for the last couple of months, which doesn’t make the stock a good choice for speculation. The last promotion of SRBL was on Monday, May 6th, when the stock went up only 2.67% after the market open.

SRBL is a mineral exploration and development company focusing on lithium and rare earth production and is traded on the OTCQB market. The stock chart shows that SRBL has been in a downtrend since February, when it first started trading on the market, and has been moving below its 50-MA most of the time.

Apart form these campaign, there are have been a couple of smaller promotions issued for today, such as:

  • Gold Dynamics Corp. (GLDN) – compensation: $10,000;
  • XsunX Inc. (XSNX) – compensation: $5,000;
  • 1st NRG Corp (FNRC) – compensation: $12,000;
  • Microelectronic Technology (MELY) – compensation: $13,500;
  • Plandai Biotechnology Inc. (PLPL) – compensation: $3,000
  • Feel Golf Co., Inc. (FEEL) – compensation: $2,500;
  • FBC Holding Inc. (FBCD) – compensation: $6,800.
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