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Penny Stocks on the Move on July 22: XUII, LQMT, NVIV, CTIX, ONCS

Penny Stocks on the Move on July 22: XUII, LQMT, NVIV, CTIX, ONCS

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XUII logoXumanii (XUII) – XUII has been making a remarkable performance for the last couple of trading sessions. On Friday, the stock broke out through a resistance delineated by the previous peak of the stock at $0.45 and thanks to a strong buying pressure it finished 20% higher at $0.53 per share on a higher than average volume of 22 million.

XUII continues to climb up today after investor’s in-boxes got flooded by another wave of newsletters dedicated to the company. Today, the OTC Disclosure and News Service also listed a press release which stated that Equity Profile Report had added XUII to its OTC Active Stock Watch list.

No other press releases have been issued by the company recently which means that the stock has been driven mostly by speculation and promotions. In other words, penny stock traders should be extremely careful trading with XUII at this point as the company’s market capitalization has been inflated to $180 million and it is apparent that XUII doesn’t have the fundamentals to sustain this valuation.

Nevertheless, at present the OTC market seems intoxicated by XUII’s performance which has once again claimed its position as one of the top market movers on the penny stock market.

Today the buying pressure on the stock continues and at the moment shares of XUII stock are trading 20% higher at $0.635 per share on a volume of 13.7 million, which is near the monthly average. The total trade value generated by XUII since the start of the session has reached $7.9 million.

LQMT logoLiquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) – LQMT is posting a very strong performance today without the support of any new press releases or reports. Apparently today the stock builds up on the hype produces last week by a publishing regarding the speculative implementation of LQMT’s Liquidmetal in Apple’s future projects.

Today, the stock made another upward spike and is very close to the 52-week high at $0.21 which LQMT hit last week. At the moment shares of LQMT stock are trading 44% higher at $0.187 per share on a five times higher than average volume of 28 million.

LQMT opened the current trading session at $0.15 per share and shot straight up due to the strong demand for the stock.

NVIV logoInVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp (NVIV) – The spectacular momentum of NVIV continues and it seem that today the stock is going to register another 52-week high. NVIV started today’s session with a gap up at $5.53 and thanks to the high demand for the stock it is currently up 9% at $5.96 per share on a three time higher than average volume of 839 thousand.

NVIV has managed to keep the interest of market players without issuing any new updates in the last two weeks. On the whole, NVIV has been steadily rising since March this year when it was traded at $1.70 per share and five months later it is practically no longer a penny stock.

CTIX logoCellceutix Corp. (CTIX) – CTIX made a strong start on today’s trading session surging up to an intraday high of $2.30 per share. However, in the last couple of minutes CTIX dropped below the previous close and is currently trading 0.45% lower at $2.21 per share.

Today CTIX was among the other stocks, which were added to Equity Profile Report’s Active Stock Watch List. Apparently this increased the interest towards the stock as the volume generated by CTIX so far is near 900 thousand which is four times higher than the monthly average. At the same time the trade value generated by CTIX on the open market today has exceeded $2 million.

ONCS logoOncoSec Medical Incorporated (ONCS) – Although ONCS opened the session higher than the previous close, the stock is currently afflicted by a selling pressure which has forced the stock 1.17% lower at $0.297 per share.

So far more than 1.8 million shares of ONCS common stock have changed hands which is higher than the monthly average. In addition, the trade value generated by the stock so far has reached $570 thousand.

The higher trading activity with ONCS stock today is produced by a press release which announced positive immune response data from Phase II study at the 8th World Congress of Melanoma. However, the news couldn’t produce enough demand for ONCS to break above the resistance at $0.32 and at the moment the stock is feeling the gravity of the support at $0.295.

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