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Penny Stocks on the Move on July 11th: ARTH, XUII, VPCO, SCRC

Penny Stocks on the Move on July 11th: ARTH, XUII, VPCO, SCRC

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ARTH logoArch Therapeutics, Inc. (ARTH) – Today ARTH is again in the top list of most actively traded penny stocks on the OTC Markets. The trade value generated by the stock since the start of the session has exceeded $1 million.

Currently shares of ARTH stock are trading 4% higher at $1.415 per share on a lower than average volume of 780 thousand. Despite the decline in trading volume in the last couple of days, ARTH has managed to maintain a stock value close to the recently achieved 52-week high.

Today the stock is receiving strong support from long investors, despite the weak start of the session, when ARTH traded below the previous close for about 30 minutes. ARTH is going up without the stimulation of any press releases, except for an alert which was issued earlier today which pointed that ARTH had been included in an Active OTC Watch List at Equity Profile Report.

XUII logoXumanii (XUII) – The share value of XUII stock is moving up today after it fell down sharply in the last trading session. The current rebound of XUII stock seems spontaneous as the company hasn’t issued any press releases today, nor have there been any market awareness campaigns on XUII.

Currently shares of XUII stock are trading 2% higher at $0.315 per share on a below average volume of 3.6 million. XUII opened the session at $0.32 and headed up to $0.35 per share but after 10:30am the stock has been experiencing some selling pressure which has brought XUII closer to the previous close.

Yesterday, the trade with XUII stock was much more dramatic as it suffered a significant correction which resulted in a 20% decline of XUII share value, which happened on a higher than average trading volume of 15 million.

The sale-out happened despite the press release which the company issued before the market open yesterday. It announced that XUII had filed a US patent application for System, Method and Device for Live Stream Editing through its intellectual property law firm FeldmanGale.

VPCO logoVapor Corp. (VPCO) – VPCO is tanking under heavy selling pressure today. AT the moment shares of VPCO stock are trading 10% lower at $1.04 on above average volume of 690 thousand. Thirty minutes earlier VPCO had dipped even lower registering an intraday low at $0.93 per share.

The downward spike which broke the support of VPCO at 1.10 happened without any specific catalyst today. The company hasn’t issued any press releases since May, and the only recent update concerning indirectly VPCO came out yesterday on the OTC Bulletin Board announcing that the company had been featured in a research report by Small Cap Specialists. However, market players were not moved by this news as only 100 thousand shares of VPCO commons stock changed hands yesterday which is way below the monthly average.

SCRC logoScripsAmerica Inc (SCRC) – SCRC has registered a spectacular momentum which has lasted for about a month now. Over this period SCRC stock price increased from $0.2 to today’s new 52-week high at $1.05 per share which is an overall increase of 425%.

Currently shares of SCRC are trading 3% higher at $0.93 on a volume of 700 thousand which is three times higher than the monthly average. The company is enjoying the support of market players despite the lack of any recent announcements.

SCRC is valued at $55 million and has 61.8 million shares issued and outstanding, 8 million of which comprise the public float. The 52-week range of the company is recorded between 0.93 and 0.11.

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