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Penny Stocks on the Move on Aug 08: SOYL, XUII

Penny Stocks on the Move on Aug 08: SOYL, XUII

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American Soil Technologies, Inc. (SOYL) – SOYL has been rampaging on the penny stock market since today’s opening bell. In fact this is one of the most bizarre phenomena that has happened on the OTC Markets for the last couple of months.

Penny stock traders got dumbfounded today after seeing SOYL skyrocket without any obvious reason. The recently dormant stock spiked more than 13,000% in today’s trading session. What is most puzzling about this stock is that nobody seemed to have cared about its existence until today as it has been generating insignificant trading interest with average monthly volume barely exceeding 22 thousand.

Yesterday, SOYL stock closed 45% lower at $0.0034 per share on a volume of 100 thousand. Today, however, the stock exploded as soon as the trading session started opening 310% higher than the previous close at $0.014 per share. A couple of minutes later, SOYL went ballistic and around 10:00am it hit an intraday high at $0.47 per share which is a whopping 13,000% increase as compared with the previous close.

SOYL intraday chartA performance of this caliber is a rare scene even for the highly speculative OTC Markets. But what is most puzzling about the explosion of SOYL is that on the surface it looks like the stock went nuts without any sensible reason. For, not a single piece of news has been issued by the company, its latest filing dates back to May 2013, let alone the fact that SOYL doesn’t even have a corporate website.

The situation literally smells like a rat. And it turned out that the rat was hiding in today’s promotional records. According to one online promotional database, the penny stock market has been assaulted by large-scale promotion dedicated to SOYL, which was led by 19 promoters.

There are some popular names among the promoters of SOYL, such as Stock Mister, Darth Trader, Liquid Tycoon, Stock Market Professor, and so on. Then again, another enigma sprouts out from this campaign. The disclaimers of the newsletters touting SOYL, which have so far reached 33 in number, claim that the promoters of SOYL had not received any compensation for “any marketing efforts regarding SOYL”.

But before you come to think that stock promoters have gone nuts issuing newsletters that result in a 13,000% jump in a stock’s value just out of charitable motives, you should be aware that this is a common trick of penny stock promoters. In other words, sometimes promoters receive compensation after the so called marketing efforts had been initiated so they reveal their compensation in their subsequent newsletters.

Nevertheless, the scenario which SOYL stock delivered today on the OTC Markets have been spectacular. At this point, SOYL has generated a trade value of $2.6 million by which it has replaced the embattled XUII as the top penny stock market mover on the OTC Markets. Moreover, SOYL has generated more than 2,400 trades during the day which is second to only FNMA.

On a side note, SOYL is a company engaged in the marketing of polymer and other soil amendments to the agricultural turf and horticulture industries. As of yesterday, SOYL had a market cap of only $231 thousand which is one of the reasons why it got ignited so easily after months of sporadic and anemic trading.

XUII logoXumanii International Holdings Corp (XUII) – The nightmare for shareholders of XUII continues today as the company’s stock is undergoing another dramatic decline. Penny stock traders holding positions in the company have had to witness how the value of their holdings has been sipping like sand through their hands ever since the stock hit an all-time high two weeks ago.

However, it was the last three trading sessions of XUII, which were most heartbreaking. Yesterday, the carnage of XUII finished with the stock sinking down 20% to $0.149 per share on a higher than average volume of 28.2 million.

And while investors were rushing headlong to their online trading platforms hitting frantically the sale order button, penny stock promoters delivered another bunch of newsletters on the market claiming that XUII had bottomed out and it was “a perfect time to get in.”

Penny stock speculators had the opportunity to witness for themselves that these statements contained not a single grain of truth. For, XUII stock kept tumbling down during today’s trading session at even a much higher pace.

XUII intraday chartAt the moment shares of XUII stock are trading 26% lower at $0.11 per share on a higher than average volume of 22 million. Thus, XUII had waded deep into bearish waters breaching far below the 200-day moving average.

And while the pump and dump scheme called XUII, which was initiated by the notorious Awesome Penny Stocks, has finally revealed its true nature, the company has suddenly gone silent leaving the stock in a free-fall mode without any fundamental support. Today, even penny stock promoters, who had been arduously supporting the company since the beginning of May, have also gone silent.

Penny stock players, however, are currently screaming at XUII’s stock chart, the way they screamed when the other balloons inflated by Awesome Penny Stocks, such as GOFF, GNIN and SWVI, burst into pieces.

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