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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 09, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 09, 2013

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Top Promoted OTC Markets Securities: DNAP, BFGC, TPIV

Yesterday, the US stock markets crashed downs as the International Monetary Fund decided to reduce its forecast for the US economic growth from 1.7% to 1.6% this year, and from 2.8% to 2.6% in 2014.

A significant withdrawal of US indexes  took place, as investors were pressured by the current turmoil in the US Government. The OTC Markets were also hit by the negative emotions prevailing the benchmark indexes. Thus, the OTCM ADR Index fell 0.75% to 1,483.60 during the last trading session.

The declining markets, however, have not scared stock promoters who keep flooding the penny stocks market with paid newsletters. In this regard, we have compiled an overview of the most significant promotional campaigns on the OTC market that are ready to hit the forthcoming trading session:

DNAP logoDNA Precious Metals Inc (DNAP) – DNAP is one of the most heavily promoted companies for today. So far, online databases have registered six newsletters touting the company.

However, it looks like this is not a fresh promotion on DNAP as the company traded under the influence of paid newsletters yesterday as well. Today the campaign is led by Liquid Tycoon, Super Nova Stock Picks, Super Hot Penny Stocks, We Pick Penny Stocks, Winning Penny Stock Picks and Haywire Viral Marketing.

Online databases show that the total compensation for today’s promotion on DNAP sums up to $17,000. Yesterday, when DNAP got its first taste of promotional support, its stock rose 22% to $0.48 per share on a higher than average volume of 136 thousand.

DNAP chartYesterday, DNAP announced that it had launched a corporate video outlining the company’s focus on gold/silver tailings mining in Montauban, Quebec, Canada. The previous day, the company had also announced the appointment of several new directors in its Board.

The new developments in the company had obviously provoked more interest in the stock, as this week DNAP has been generating higher than average volume. Nevertheless, the interest toward DNAP remains lower than the average on the OTC markets, as the trade value generated by DNAP on the last trading session, when the stock hit record volume, was only $77 thousand. Moreover, the three-month average volume of DNAP stock is as low as 10 thousand.

If penny stock traders remain indifferent towards DNAP despite the generous promotional efforts supporting the company’s stock this week, it may become challenging for DNAP to maintain the higher value of its stock.

BFGCBullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC) – BFGC is ready to receive another portion of promotional support today. Three newsletters touting the company have been spreading around the penny stock market since the last closing bell.

Today’s campaign is led by Penny Stock Locks, Stock Lock and Load and Stock Bomb. These promoters disclosed a compensation of $15,000 which had been provided by Stock Appeals LLC.

The company has been heavily promoted since last Friday which is one of the reasons why the stock has become one of the top market movers on the OTCQB market these days. On Monday, the stock generated a record high trading volume of 6.5 million which represented a trade value of $1.76 million.

BFGC chartYesterday, market players kept speculating intensively with the stock which resulted in a turnover of more than 3.8 million. Unfortunately, the speculations with BFGC stock turned costly for common investors because the company’s value fell sharply in the last two days.

On Monday BFGC shed 22% off its stock value and on Tuesday another 17% of the stock value evaporated. In absolute figures BGFC plunged from $0.32 to $0.20 per share over the last two trading sessions.

The sharp decline in the stock value, however, doesn’t appear to have discouraged the company’s promoters who keep devising pompous headlines for their newsletters in hope of finding new victims for their pump and dump schemes.

The company, on its part, has not taken part in the promotional efforts yet, as not a single news release has been issued by the BGFC’s PR offices in the last couple of months. Two days ago, however, the OTC Disclosure and News Services announced that Equity Profile Report had issued a trade alert on BFGC stock. Unfortunately, BFGC turned to be a “red alert”, so it will not be surprising if common penny stock traders start to withdraw from the stock in the next couple of days.

TPIV logoTapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) – TPIV, whose stock value has been falling headlong since British Columbia Securities Commission issued a cease trade order on the company’s stock in April this is year, is taking its turn in the promotional arena today.

Online databases have detected two newsletters touting the company which had been issued by Stock Hunter and VIP Stock Alerts. The promoters had received $10,000 from unknown third parties for their effort to increase the market awareness of TPIV stock.

TPIV chartTPIV has not provided fundamental support for its stock since the cease trade order incidence. This is one of the reasons for the long downtrend of TPIV stock in the last couple of months. In Sept, however TPIV found support at the critical $0.01 mark where it entered a consolidation phase.

Last week TPIV broke below the support and yesterday it hit a new 52-week low at $0.0062 per share on a higher than average volume of 1.2 million.

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