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Penny Stocks on the Move on June 20: ACCS, BIZM, NORX, SCRA, TQLA

Penny Stocks on the Move on June 20: ACCS, BIZM, NORX, SCRA, TQLA

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African Copper Corp. (ACCS) – ACCS is soaring today as its stock is currently under the influence of a heavy promotion. Currently ACCS is trading 30% higher at $0.175 per share on a much higher than average volume of 54 million.

The increased demand for ACCS stock today is due to a market awareness campaign which was initiated at the beginning of the trading session by Penny Stock Heroes and Select Penny Stocks. According to disclaimers the two promoters had received $500,000 for the service.

Additionally, the company also issued a press release before the opening bell, reporting that initial data and validations on the two lease groups covered by recently signed LOIs projected that ACCS’s two concessions would form the third largest land holding in the Kalahari Copperbelt.

ACCS is a base metal exploration company focused on the discovery of copper and silver deposits in Botswana, Africa. The company is valued at $25.6 million and has a 52-week range of 1.00-0.07.

Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) – Even though BIZM was marked with a caveat emptor sign today, its stock keeps moving upwards. Thus, the value of BIZM stock is up 7.14% at $4.20 per share on above average volume of 1.4 million.

Apparently the “black sign” did not scare BIZM investors, who continue to support the stock even at a market cap of $234 million which is currently backed up only by speculations around the development of the Biozoom Health Scanner.

After the caveat emptor sign it can be expected that the SEC commence an investigation on the case of BIZM stock, the outcomes of which may produce a strong influence on the future of BIZM.

Norstra Energy, Inc. (NORX) – Shares of NORX are trading 4% lower today at $0.80 on a volume of 1.4 million. The movement is not based on any corporate updates or promotions. It appears that today the stock is retracting to the 50-MA after four consecutive positive sessions.

Today, NORX opened the session with a gap up at $0.86 per share but after half an hour of trading it slipped below the previous close. After the last trading session the company’s market cap reached $31.9 million.

SecureAlert, Inc. (SCRA) – Today, SCRA is both one of the biggest market movers and advancers on the OTC Markets. Shares of SCRA stock are currently trading 6% higher at $12 per share on a volume of 115 thousand which is ten times higher than the monthly average. The total trade value achieved by SCRA during the first half of today’s session is $1.35 million.

There haven’t been any press releases by the company recently so it looks like the stock is surging out of the blue. The last activity in the company,which was officially reported with the SEC, was a change in the beneficial ownership of the company. In this regard, a Form-4 filed on June 3rd revealed that one of the company beneficial owners, Boone David S, had acquired 8943 warrants on March 22nd, 2013. The warrants are immediately exercisable and expire two years from the date of grant.

SCRA is a Utah based corporation specializing in electronic monitoring of offenders including pretrial, probation and parole. The company has a market capitalization of $66 million and a 52-week range of 11.50 – 7.00.

In March this year, SACRA had executed a 1-for-200 reverse stock split of its outstanding common stock.

Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (TQLA) – TQLA is nearing $1 million in trade value today as its shares are up 6% at $1.02 per share on a volume of 952 thousand. The company’s stock is scoring its second positive session in a row after it rose yesterday by another 6%.

Today, the upward move of TQLA stock is supported by a press release which announced that the company’s debut brand Montalvo Tequila will be a featured spirit at Hard Rock San Diego’s Intervention throughout this summer.

At the current price of TQLA shares, the market cap of the company is almost $70 million, so it is possible that the stock may enter a correction face soon especially, now that it is close to its resistance and the $1 key mark.

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