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Small Cap Stocks on the Move on June 12: BIZM, PHOT, AFFY, LOTE, BBLU, IWSY

Small Cap Stocks on the Move on June 12: BIZM, PHOT, AFFY, LOTE, BBLU, IWSY

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Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) – The gold rush continues for BIZM today as its share value has increased 7% to $3.21 per share. BIZM has generated a trade value of a whopping $9.19 million on a volume of 2.9 million, which is six times higher than the monthly average. BIZM has been skyrocketing since the start of June, when the development of its Biozoom Health Scanner was announced. Approximately one month ago BIZM shares traded at $1.10 which means that the value of BIZM stock has risen more than 300% for the last 30 days.

Growlife Inc. (PHOT) – PHOT got into the top lists of OTC Markets after achieving a trade value of $284 thousand. The stock is currently trading 17% higher at $0.53 per share on above average volume of 5.4 million. The bullish spark was produced by a press release which said that the company was featured in a research led by Paul Cohen, who had issued a price target for PHOT shares of $0.22. Today, PHOT was also featured in a newsletter issued by Speculating Stocks who expects to be compensated by PHOT $1,000 cash for a two-day investor relations contract.

Affymax, Inc. (AFFY) – Shares of AFFY are trading 11% higher at $1.13 on a volume of 877 thousand, which is below the monthly average. AFFY stock is bullish today regardless of the lack of news and promotions on the company. In fact, the upward move of the stock seems technical in nature as it is practically bouncing near its all time low at $0.8. AFFY shareholders suffered a serious blow this year after in early February the company recalled its flagship drug, which was the company’s sole source of revenue. Thus, while in November last year AFYY shares traded at $27.74 now the stock value has melted down below the $1 mark. Last week, AFFY was delisted from Nasdaq and began trading on the OTCQB market.

Lot78, Inc. (LOTE) – Shares of LOTE are down 8% at $2.2 per share on a below average volume of 177 thousand. LOTE, which is one of the biggest gainers on the OTC Markets this year, has entered into a correction phase since no corporate updates have been issued since May 28. On June 5th, LOTE executed a 4-to-1 forward stock split of its issued and outstanding shares. After this transaction LOTE’s issued and outstanding shares increased to 234 million. The company currently has a market capitalization of $549 million.

Blue Earth, Inc. (BBLU) – BBLU is one of today’s big movers as its shares are currently trading 8% higher at $3.5 per share on a volume of 80 thousand, which is slightly below the monthly average. BBLU has a 52-week trading range of 3.25 – 0.82 and a market cap of $75 million. This week, BBLU has been scoring new 52-week highs on a heavy trading volume, regardless of the fact that the company has not issued any press releases since the end of May.

ImageWare Systems, Inc. (IWSY) – IWSY seems ready to retest the recent 52-week high as the stock is soaring in trading today. IWSY shares are currently trading 3.75% higher at $1.66 per share which is close to the recent 52-week high of $1.75 per share. So far more than 430 thousand shares have changed hands which is three times higher than the monthly average volume. There have been no news releases by the company since May 10, so it seems that presently IWSY has been driven by technical factors. The stock has established a support at $1.4,  so the gaze of market speculators is likely to oscillate between this level and the 52-week high in the next couple of days.

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