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Daily OTC Premarket Digest

Daily OTC Premarket Digest

Posted: May 14, 2013 in :Uncategorized with 0 comments

Today the situation on the OTC market before the opening bell is characterized by numerous promotional campaigns and a streak of news on the Pink Sheets market that may provide for a busy trading session in the next couple of hours.

World Assurance Group Inc (WDAS) announced today that AdKash, an Android application designed to help smartphone users make money by receiving adverts on their mobile devices, had been downloaded in more than 10 countries around the world. WDAS is one of the actively traded companies on the Pink Sheets markets these days which is mainly due to the promotional campaign that started last Wednesday. On the day of the promotion more than 11 million shares of WDAS common stock changed hands, which is the highest trading volume in the company’s history. Within the first trading hours on that day the stock price jumped 44% to an intraday high of $0.0173 but eventually finished 49% lower due to the selling pressure, which is a typical aftermath of stock promotions. Yesterday, however, WDAS soared 125% without any obvious reason which looks like an insiders’ front-loading move before some PR event that may as well have been the news mentioned above.

PTA Holdings Inc. (PTAH) has also scrambled to the Pink Sheets headlines today. The company announced it had completed the acquisition of Eggpress Inc, an Iowa based motor carrier serving the egg and agricultural industry. According to the press release the deal would strengthen the company’s position on the Midwestern market and “should increase revenue by approximately $5,000,000 over the next twelve months.” There is, however, not a single financial report filed by the company to provide more insight about its ability to carry out its business plans which may repel the interest of low-risk investors. PTAH stock has been in a downtrend over the last couple of months and is now hovering around the critical .001 level which is the lower border of sub penny stocks.

Light Media Holdings Inc. (LGMH) announced its unofficial financial report for first quarter 2013 today. The report disclosed a decrease in both revenues and current assets as compared with the previous quarter. LGMH had also purchased 85 thousand shares of its common stock at an average price of $0.013 per share and another 46 thousand shares at $0.010 per share with regard to its stock repurchase plan announced in Dec. 2012. The last trade of LGMH stock happened on May, 02 when it rose 63% to $0.016 per share on a volume of 36,500 shares. On the whole LGMH stock cannot boast with a consistent trading interest from investors as its shows a history of inactive trading sessions.

GDT Tek Inc. (GDTK) – there are enough reasons to expect this company will be intensively traded today, as there is not only a press release that came from the company today, but there is also a fresh promotional campaign dedicated to GDTK. In short, GDTK announced today that it had engaged a new SEC auditor for the company. The latter will endeavor to help the company upgrade to current information status by auditing its financial reports. Meanwhile, our radars detected a promotion on GDTK that was initiated yesterday after the closing bell by several promoters among which Wall Street Scoop, OTCB Journal And Elite Traders Group. They were compensated $5,000 by 007 Stock Chat LLC. The last promotion of the company was carried out in Dec. 2012

Today’s biggest promotions:

Digital Shelf Space Corp. (DTSRF) – the highest paid promotion today is dedicated to DTSRF. The campaign involves many promoters among which Stock Hunter, Liquid Pennies, Hero Stocks and others. The promoting parties disclosed they expected to receive $500 thousand for the promotion by a third party called Cambridge Consultants. This is the first time the company has become an object of a stock promotion.

VizStar Inc. (VIZS) – another prominent promotion today is that of VIZS. The campaign was initiated by Premier Alerts last night after the closing bell. The newsletter’s fine print revealed the promoter had received $50,000 for the advertising effort but the name of the paying party was not disclosed. The last promotion of VIZS took place on April 15 this year.

Olie Inc. (OLIE) – the company is getting promoted today by a horde of promoting parties. Two groups of promoters can be discerned regarding this promotion. The first one is sponsored by RTF Inc. and the other one by Stock Mister. Each of the two groups have received $15,000 for their services which makes $30,000 for the whole campaign. OLIE was previously promoted on April 22nd when it had another massive promotion.

Other lesser promotions for today:

  • Vista International technologies Inc. (VVIT) – compensation: $25,000
  • WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (TVTV) – compensation: $18,500
  • Cloud Star Corporation (CLDS) – compensation: $12,500
  • SMA Alliance Inc. (SMAA) – compensation: $12,500
  • Xumanii (XUII) – compensation: $10,000
  • PM&E Inc. (PMEA) – compensation: $2,000
  • Inscor Inc (IOGA) – compensation: $1,600
  • DNA Dynamics Inc (DNAD) – compensation: $12,300
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