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Daily OTC Premarket Digest – 17.03.2013

Daily OTC Premarket Digest – 17.03.2013

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Pennystock Genius delivers its daily premarket summary  of the OTC and Pink Sheets markets. As usual, there is not much intrigue on Friday as on this day there is typically less trading activity. Still it’s worth taking a look at what is happening shortly before the opening bell of the last trading session for the week:

Enviro-Serv, Inc. (ENSV) – One of the focuses on the Pink Sheets markets today is a press release issued by ENSV approximately 3 hours ago. The company announced that its new wholly owned subsidiary, X-Terminate Pest Management Inc. had hired a veteran certified pest operator Gary Cole.

X-Terminate Pest Management Inc. is a company which provides termite control, general pest control and lawn and ornamental services. Thus the company adds up to the comprehensive property management services offered by ENSV.

The pink sheets company has been regularly issuing news updates for the last couple of weeks since it started trading in early April. However, it seems that the stories around the company’s development haven’t managed to win enough supporters of ENSV stock as its value has plummeted sharply over the course of April.

Thus, in in early April ENSV stock peaked at $0.055 per share but it didn’t take long before the stock added another zero to its share price and it is now traded at $0.004, which is an aggregate decrease of 92%.

After such heartbreaking plunge it would be unlikely to find any investors casting a bullish eye at the stock. At least not until market speculators find some justification of the company’s market cap of $3 million, which may seem cheap for a public company, yet what we have in exchange for this market cap is a debt of over $2 million and total assets of only $2 thousand.

Today’s stock promotions:

Neologic Animation Inc. (NANI) – The promotion of NANI is on the forefront of Friday’s stock promotions lists. According to online promo databases the company has been featured in fifteen newsletters which started flooding investors’ inboxes as soon as the last closing bell was sounded. Some of the notable promoters involved in this campaign are Whisper from Wall Street, Hero Stocks, Stock Hunter and many more.

Most of the promoters didn’t reveal the source of their compensation, which by the way adds up to $24,500 for the whole campaign. Yet, thanks to those promoters who had decided to abide the SEC rules we can see that some of the third parties behind the campaign were MicroCap Consultants, Microcap Innovations, Global Innovator Relations and Stock Mister.

NANI was previously promoted just a week ago, on May 10th. Then the stock shot up 21% closing at $0.0109 on a volume of 32 million shares. Within the trading session market speculators had the opportunity to score even higher profits as NANI stock reached an intraday high of $0.015 per share.

Inscor, Inc. Corporation (IOGA) – IOGA has also found its place among today’s promotions. This is not a great deal of news for penny stock traders as the company has been constantly promoted since Monday this week. The promoter which is touting the company today is Wall Street Scoop who had received $5,000 for the service by an undisclosed third party.

According to historical data, investors had a brief opportunity for profit on Monday when IOGA finished 14% higher than the previous close. As to the intraday performance of the stock, NANI opened at $0.485 and reached an intraday high at $0.515.

In the following days, however, IOGA stock was overwhelmed by a selling pressure which brought the share price down to $0.40 on Thursday.

Resource Ventures Inc. (REVI) – This is the third day since the promotion of REVI was initiated. The campaign was started on Thursday when the company got covered by a large number of stock promoters whose compensations summed up to $75,000.

The aggressive advertising of REVI stock produced a volume of more than 3 million shares and a jump in the share price of 33%. REVI kept generating higher than average trading volumes in the next couple of days as well, although the share price increased on a much lesser scale.

Today the campaign of REVI is also in full force as dozens of newsletters touting the company’s stock have been spread out. However, the promotional impulse that have charged the stock seems to be fading, so market players will need to estimate the situation carefully if they intend to bet on REVI in the forthcoming session.

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