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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Sept 05, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Sept 05, 2013

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Top Promoted Penny Stocks: GLBH, MLGT

Yesterday, the US stock markets got boosted by Fed’s report on medium-term economic indicators, also called “The Beige Book”. This report announced that the US economy has been recovering at a moderate rate, the main propeller being the increase in retail sales.

With this announcement at hand, the rally of the US stock markets was solidified yesterday, as all of the benchmark indexes registered considerable gains. The OTC Markets were in tone with the general investors’ mood, so they also finished the day in green. The OTCM ADR Index rose 0.84% to 1,426.92 points.

The important economic news which are pending today and are expected to play a strong role on the forthcoming trading session concern the Initial Jobless Claims data for the previous week. Penny stock traders will have to watch one additional factor concerning solely the OTC Markets, namely the daily promotional activity.

In this regard, we provide an overview of the most notable penny stock promotions which have been initiated since the last closing bell:

GLBH logoGlobaltech Holdings, Inc. (GLBH) – The highest paid promotion for today is dedicated to GLBH, a company traded on the Pink Sheets which acquires small insurance agencies and funds their expansion through stock offerings and other investment options.

According to online databases, the current campaign on GLBH had cost $12 thousand. Part of the newsletters kept the names of third parties in secret, but the rest provided full disclosure mentioning third parties, such as Lattria Group Ltd, Free Super Stocks, Xavier Investments Inc. and Stock Chat LLC.

GLBH chartThis is also the campaign with the highest number of issued newsletters, which means that GLBH will likely find itself more popular than usual today. This means more trading volume directed to the stock. However, the chances that the volume will be dominated by sales orders are also high, as the paid promotion on the stock represents a conflict of interests.

GLBH is a pink sheets company which makes it hard for investors to find enough information in order to accurately estimate the risks of investing in GLBH stock. Thus, there has been no public disclosure regarding the company’s financial state which is one of the most important factors in investors’ decision making process.

The last corporate news which came out of the company was released on Aug 27 mentioning that GLBH had revised and completed the name change of Globaltech Holdings Inc. to Global Agency Holdings Inc. On the same day, GLBH stock value declined 11% to $0.008 per share on a lower than average volume of 60 thousand.

GLBH has a market cap of $5 million and a 52-week trading range of 0.25 – 0.004. The latter once again depicts the highly volatile nature of GLBH, so investors will have to carefully estimate their risk tolerance before deciding to follow the chant of the newsletters currently touting GLBH.

MLGT logomLight Tech, Inc (MLGT) – Third parties’ purses have apparently been loosened today, as we have a second relatively expensive promotion which will hit the forthcoming session. It is dedicated to MLGT, a company traded on the OTCQB exchange which has recently acquired several companies in the automotive industry.

The compensation for this campaign sums up to $127,500 which have been provided by several third parties, most of which remained anonymous. The sponsors of the promotion, which have been disclosed in the fine print of the newsletters, are GS Media, Microcap Innovations and Mic Innovations.

MLGT has been touted by paid newsletters since Tuesday this week and so far the campaign seems successful as MLGT stock rose from $0.23 to $0.32 per share during this period. On Tuesday the stock surged 22% on a trading volume of 560 thousand, and yesterday MLGT added another 14% to its stock value.

MLGT chartThe pressure on MLGT stock may increase today as besides the expensive promotion the stock will also be affected by a corporate press release which was issued earlier today. In short, the company announced that it expected revenue to exceed $10 million in 2014 following the acquisition of the Ding King Training Institute.

However, it is not clear whether the increased pressure on the stock will be created by buyers or sellers of MLGT stock as the paid promotion represents a “conflict of interest” issue, which may cut the stock’s ascension at any time. And given that MLGT is already chasing a market cap of over $65 million without the fundamental base to support it, it is all the more likely that MLGT investors may take a glass of sobering cold water soon.

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