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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 07, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 07, 2013

Posted: August 7, 2013 in :OTC Market News with 0 comments

Top Promoted Stocks: AVXL, IALS

On the last trading session, investors kept running away from taking risks, which put a stop to the upward march of the US stock markets and sent them deeper into consolidation phase. Thus, yesterday the US benchmark indexes were all obsessed by a bearish mood which was also valid for the OTC Market.

On this background the OTCM ADR Index fell 0.24% to 1,446.33 after most of the regular penny stock market movers waded into bearish waters. The consolidation on the markets is likely to continue, since today no significant economic data is expected to come out, while at the same time the trading activity is thinning with the peak of the summer.

Vacation mood has also got its grip on penny stock promoters as market awareness activities are markedly lower in August. Yet, today we have a couple of important promotions pending, which we will examine below:

AVXL logoAnavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) – There is one single newsletter dedicated to AVXL stock today, yet this campaign is worth noting as it seems that it had been backed up by a very generous third party.

Despite the fact that the promotion was initiated after the last closing bell, AVXL had already surged mysterious during the last trading session. So, at the end of the day AVXL had climbed 18% to $0.6 per share on above average volume of 547 thousand.

With that move AVXL stopped just at the base of its 50-MA and it seems that today the stock will try to attack this technical milestone with the helping hand of the promotion. Nevertheless, the unusually high trading activity which was registered yesterday seems to have come out of the blue as there has been no fundamental stimulus for AVXL to score such a ballistic performance.

AVXL chartToday’s campaign is led by one single stock promoter called the Stock Junction who revealed in its newsletter’s disclaimer that its publisher, Champlain Media, had been paid by a third party for the campaign. The disclaimer also revealed that the mailing had been developed and coordinated by an entity caller Pharmafeed who had received a compensation of $115,000 for the service. The source of the compensation was kept in secret by the promoter, though.

The company has not been promoted since November last year and have not received any fundamental support since early July which facilitated AVXL stock’s decline in the last couple of weeks. On this background yesterday’s mysterious surge looks very much like frontloading that may serve some hidden agenda connected with AVXL’s promotion.

After yesterday’s close AVXL reached a market capitalization of over $18 million which seems rather overvalued given that as of the last fiscal quarter the company had reported absolutely no assets and a net loss of $106 thousand.

AVXL is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of new drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases and cancer. Its stock is publicly traded on the OTCQB market where it has established a 52-week range of 1.36 – 0.41.

IALS logoInterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. (IALS) – A successful stock promotion is as rare as a black pearl but still every now and then it happens that some promoters really succeed to keep the inflated value of a stock till the end of the day. In fact such is the case with IALS – the numerous penny stock promoters who picked up IALS for their yesterday’s newsletter might have a reason to celebrate as the stock went ballistic on the last trading session.

When the closing bell rang yesterday, IALS had jumped 180% up to $0.3499 per share on a higher than average volume of 1.9 million. IALS finished the session with fireworks thanks to a campaign which had involved more than 18 promoters and had engulfed the total sum of $65,000.

IALS chartThe company had also provided fundamental support for the surge by announcing an agreement for the acquisition of Travel Time Technologies Inc.

Apparently stock promoters got intoxicated by IALS’s performance so they have decided to extend the campaign for today’s trading session as well. Again no third parties have been revealed concerning the new promotional wave.

The campaign today is led by Damn Good Penny Picks, Wall Street Buzz, Super Hot Penny Picks and others. The total amount of money invested in this campaign totals $26 thousand, according to online databases.

At the end of the last trading session IALS had reached a market cap of $23 million. In this regard, it appears that the short term performance of IALS will revolve around the announced acquisition and the speculation about the value it will add to the company.

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