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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 14, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Oct 14, 2013

Posted: October 14, 2013 in :OTC Market News with 0 comments

Top Promoted OTC Markets Securities: ISCO, EHOS, FDMF

The US Stock markets have been rallying in the last couple of days after the big plunge caused by the US political crisis.

Last Friday, the OTCM ADR Index rose 0.40% to 1,517.39 points which was supported by similar jumps in the US benchmark indexes.

Today, there are no important economic events that are going to shape the forthcoming session for the benchmark indexes but there are numerous penny stock promotions which are going to affect the OTC Markets.

ISCO logoInternational Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) – ISCO tops the lists of promoted companies today, as its campaign is one of the most expensive ones for Monday. Although the promotion of ISCO, which had been started yesterday, features only one paid newsletter, it is worth mentioning because third parties have provided the exact sum of $177,291 for the advertising effort on the company.

ISCO chartThe campaign is led by Quality Stock which expect to receive the above mentioned sum from ISCO itself for 545 days of advertising, branding, marketing, investor relations and social media services provided by Quality Stocks.

Truth be told, this is not the first time the company gets promoted, as online databases have registered a couple of other promotion on the company throughout the year. In fact ISCO was previously promoted last week on Thursday.

The curious thing is that the value of ISCO stock had already started soaring on heavy volume before the promotion and on no fundamental support provided by the company. At the beginning of last week, ISCO made a miniscule jump but on Tuesday the stock soared 15% on a higher than average volume of 4.5 million. With this move ISCO broke above the resistance at $0.16 and kept surging up until the end of the week.

On Thursday, when the company got advertised by a couple of promoters, sponsored by one22Media LLC and Quality Stocks LLS, ISCO surged 16% to $0.0209 per share on a higher than average volume of 2.7 million. The stock kept climbing till the end of the week when it finished at $0.212 per share.

Thus, ISCO scored a weekly gain of 50% and it looks like the stock is striving to get back to its previous price channel, which it maintained before the big plunge in July this year. However, the sustainability of the new value of ISCO stock is very questionable given the fact that it has been maintained mostly by promotions instead of a solid fundamental factors.

EHOS logoEhouse Global, Inc. (EHOS) – EHOS has been struggling to get the market’s attention since it announced the acquisition of NutraLiquids LLC last week. These efforts have been aided by a significant promotional backup.

EHOS chartOnline databases have registered dozens of promotional newsletters sponsored by EAG LLC for a compensation of $22,500. The effect of the promotions was most ostentatious on Monday when EHOS surged 375% to $0.285 per share on a higher than average volume of 128 thousand. For the rest of the week EHOS posted a modest performance finishing slightly lower at $0.25 per share.

Since yesterday, online databases have registered a new bunch of newsletters touting the company. This time the compensation for the campaign has reached $100,000 but the sources of the money remained anonymous. The promoters who are leading the current campaign on EHOS are Stock Edge, Your Stock Alert, Premier Equity Reports and The Stock Brainiac.

Last week’s acquisition announcement triggered higher trading activity around the stock, which was dormant for a long while. This news and the promotion will be the leitmotivs of the trade with EHOS stock in the next couple of days, as there has been no additional fundamental support for the company lately.

FDMF logoFreedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (FDMF) – FDMF is one of the most intensively promoted companies today. The campaign on FDMF is led by numerous stock promoters and a couple of third parties, among which RTF Inc., Bon Cap Indy LLC and NAT Inc.

FDMF chartThe cumulative compensation received by promoters for their services adds up to $50,000. The effect of the campaign today will be questionable, as FDMF has already demonstrated its tendency to decline sharply after its previous promotional campaigns.

Today, the OTC Disclosure and News Service published a press release issued by FDMF, which announced that the company had signed a $10 million reserve equity financing facility Letter of Intent with Redline International, a US based private investment fund. Yet the stock market was not impressed by this news, probably because letter of intents do not have any official binding power, so the stock dropped down at the beginning of today’s trading session.

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