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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 01, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 01, 2013

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Top Promoted Penny Stocks: NUVI, GLBH, MSPC

Yesterday, investors’ risk appetite cooled out after Ben Bernanke decided not to give details about when the monetary easing policy will stop. This fact disappointed investors as they were left without any hint to give them an idea of the trend’s direction.

This is why investors once again sought safe haven in technology stocks which caused an increase in the Nasdaq index while the rest benchmark indexes tanked under a medium selling pressure.

Market players on the OTC Markets were tentative during the last trading session and on this background the OTCM ADR Index fell 0.01% to 1424.30.

Today several penny stock companies trading on the OTC Markets will add more intrigue to their speculative nature as they have been covered by new promotional campaigns. Following is a brief overview of the most important promotional activities before today’s opening bell:

NUVI logoEmo Capital Corp. (NUVI) – Apparently yesterday’s promotion of NUVI was not enough for those who lead the campaign behind the curtains, so today the OTC Markets have been assaulted by a new promotional wave on the company.

Apart from Cambridge Consulting Group, who were the sponsors of yesterday’s promotion, the market awareness effort on NUVI had been joined by Galaxy LLC. The latter had employed two penny stock promoters called Buzz Stocks and PST Alerts to supplement the campaign on NUVI for which they had been compensated $7,000.

NUVI chartIt is no wonder that NUVI’s promoters are seeking back-up as it seems that their advertising efforts have been producing less and less effect on the market. Yesterday for example, the stock finished 1% lower at $0.0575 per share on a higher than average volume of 1.8 million.

On the last trading session, NUVI finally received some fundamental support after the company announced that ME4Free had launched a new website. ME4Free is a libido booster once-daily capsule for men marketed by NUVI.

The promotion and the news release managed to create some excitement about NUVI stock at the beginning of the session which caused the stock to open with a gap up at $0.0745 per share. However, the excitement lasted no longer than thirty minutes after which NUVI tanked below the previous close.

Since it seems like NUVI has been exhausted by the recent promotions, it is not very likely that the new promotion will produce any significant effect on the market unless the stock receives more substantial fundamental support.

GLBH logoGlobaltech Holdings, Inc. (GLBH) – GLBH is the next target of penny stock promoters. Online databases show that a total of $35,000 had been spent for today’s campaign on GLBH. The campaign is led by two promoters called Free Super Stocks and Penny Stock Market Bulls.

The last promotion of GLBH took place on July 10 and at that time GLBH rose 12% to $0.056 per share on a volume of 1.2 million. However, shortly after the promotion the stock got pummeled and at the moment its value is two times lower at $0.0255.

The stock has not received any fundamental support since July 18 when the last press release came out announcing that the company would refocus its marketing efforts towards high margin, traditional Life and Health insurance products.

GLBH chartHowever, the announcement was apparently interpreted negatively by penny stock traders as on the same day the stock was swept away by a strong selling pressure causing GLBH stock to decline 18% despite the corporate update.

Regardless of the sharp decline of GLBH stock value over the last month, promoters are currently claiming that “GLBH is as primed as ever for a potential rally as support levels become solid and buyers become more interested.”

However, given the current market cap of GLBH, which is close to $16 million, it is obvious that there is a lot of room for the stock to continue its depreciation. At present GLBH stock doesn’t have enough fundamental support so as to convince savvy market players in the opposite.

MSPC logoMetrospaces, Inc. (MSPC) – The next penny stock promotion for today is dedicated to a company with a very peculiar stock chart called Metrospaces Inc. As it is visible, this stock has not been very popular on the market.

MSPC is a company which operates in residential and hotel development markets, with a particular focus in Latin America. According to OTC Markets, MSPC has a market capitalization of $210 thousand and a 52-week range of 0.09 – 0.08.

The company has just issued a press release, which announced that MSPC had completed all of the regulatory requirements to become a publicly traded OTCQB fully reporting entity. Along with this news release, MSPC has also been involved in a promotional campaign which was initiated yesterday after the closing bell.

MSPC chartSo far online databases have registered eight paid newsletters which are touting the company. The campaign had been backed up by a third party called Investors News Source who had invested $28,000 in the campaign. This compensation was distributed to the following penny stock promoters: Premier Equity Reports, Stock Edge, and The Stock Brainiac.

Truth be told, it can hardly be predicted how the promotion and press release combo will effect a company with such a background as MSPC’s. Indeed, there has been very little interest in this stock so any jump in the trading volume could produce significant price movements but on the other hand, MSPC has a higher market cap than the typical penny stock which can make it difficult for MSPC stock to climb higher without a significant fundamental support.

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