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Daily OTC Markets Preview – 30.05.2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – 30.05.2013

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Penny Stock Genius presents its daily overview of the OTC Markets before the opening bell. Today we have detected many promotional campaigns and a series of corporate updates which promise that the coming session is likely to be extremely intensive. So let’s start with the most important events that will shape today’s trading session:

EDXC logoENDEXX Corp. (EDXC) – Today our attention was attracted by a massive promotional campaign dedicated to EDXC. Since the last closing bell more than 22 different promoting sites have been spreading newsletters with headlines flashing the company’s stock symbol.

Most of the promoters were compensated by Stock Mister for the advertising service. Stock Mister on its part disclosed a compensation of $200,000 which was provided by Equity Group.

Stock Mister is one of the most active promoters on the OTC and Pink Sheets market. Online statistics show that this promoter has a history of more than 230 promoted stocks and manages to bring on average $1,8 million dollar volume per promotion.

EDXC chartThe large scale campaign of the company suggests that investors may expect an increased trading appetite towards EDXC stock today. In fact, EDXC stock chart shows that it has recently registered several high volume sessions.

On Friday last week EDXC generated a trading volume of more than 2.4 million shares while the price of its shares jumped 20% to $0.13 per share. Yesterady EXDC closed at $0.145 per share. EXDC stock may experience another round of buying pressure today thanks to the widespread advertising campaign, unless third parties plan to dump their shares on the hype and thus tip the scales towards sellers.

It is also important to note that today the company issued a press release announcing its decision to enter into a definitive agreement to acquire Dispense Labs LLC. The latter is a company operating in the currently very popular field of medical marijuana.

CLGZF logoHutech21 Co., Ltd. (CLGZF) – CLGZF is another big promotion looming on the horizon. More than eight newsletters are touting this company today and the cumulative compensation disclosed in the disclaimers reaches $50,000.

Research Driven Investor, one of the promoters involved in this campaign, revealed a compensation of $40,000 which was provided by two third parties – Edesia Emprise LLC and RTFC Inc.

Earlier today, the company announced that it had been providing emergency services to the areas of South Central Canada that had been affected by heavy rains over the past week.

CLGZF is a public company traded on the OTC Pink Current Information market. On May 11th the company announced a reverse merger with Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd. which manufactures and distributes crushed gravel and sand in North America. In this regard CLGZF “will effectively do business as Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd., with an official corporate name change to be announced separately.”

NWTR logoNew Western Energy Corp. (NWTR) – Yesterday NWTR announced it had completed the acquisition of the “Fredonia Gas Prospect” consisting of three producing gas leases in Wilson County, Kansas. The news was accompanied by a market awareness campaign which was initiated by Too Nice Stocks.

As a result NWTR attracted much more trading activity than usual. Yesterday NWTR closed 4% higher at $0.24 on a volume of 824 thousand shares. During the trading day the stock also managed to hit an intraday high at $0.3 per share.

NWTR chartToday the market awareness campaign continues but this time it is led by a promoter called Damn Good Penny Picks. We didn’t find any specific compensation mentioned in the disclaimer of the newsletters advertising the company, yet some promotional databases show that the campaign had cost $35,000.

NWTR stock has been moving in a range between $0.2 and $0.3 since April. Yesterday, NWTR demonstrated that the press release and promo campaign were not enough to help its stock break the upper border of the range. So we are yet to see whether NWTR stock will manage to generate enough demand for a technical break out.

BYRG logoBuyer Group International, Inc. (BYRG) – Roughly three hours ago BYRG announced that it had received and executed a distribution agreement with Driven Strategy Inc. to support the production and distribution of show called “Jimmy Hart’s Heart Stoppers”.

BYRG is an exploration and development stage precious metals mining company. It is traded on the OTC Pink Current Information market and is currently valued at $16 million.

BYRG chartThe company is likely to produce higher trading volume today as it is featured in a market awareness campaign led by eight stock promoters. The cumulative compensation for the campaign exceedes $20,000.

BYRG experienced a sharp drop in March when it was undergoing another promotion. Then BYRG stock price fell sharply from $0.08 to $0.01 per share. This swift and dramatic bearish episode of the stock may have repelled many long investors at that time, so it will not be surprising if the new efforts to pump the stock fail to increase its demand.

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