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Penny Stocks on the Move on June 14: BIZM, IWSY, XUII, AFFY, BBLU, VPCO

Penny Stocks on the Move on June 14: BIZM, IWSY, XUII, AFFY, BBLU, VPCO

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Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) – BIZM is one of the most popular stocks on the OTC Markets these days as it keeps generating significant trade value throughout the sessions. Today the total dollar volume of BIZM shares exchanged within the first trading hour exceeded $3.2 million. At the same time BIZM shares are trading 1.3% higher at $3.08 per share. Obviously the stock has been flirting with the key level at $3 and today penny stock traders may witness a more determined technical signal by BIZM stock.

In the last two days the company hasn’t issued any press releases which may strengthen investors’ impulse for profit taking. In fact we already witnessed a slight correction on Wednesday but at this stage it is unclear whether BIZM stock will continue to appreciate until the company issues more updates on the development of Biozoom Health Scanner.

ImageWare Systems, Inc. (IWSY) – Shares of IWSY are flying up to a new 52-week high today. The stock is soaring 6% at $1.93 per share on a higher than average volume of 580 thousand shares. The total trade value generated by the stock in the first trading hour is $1.1 million. In short IWSY is building momentum and it is no surprise it has been constantly on OTC Markets top lists these days.

Yesterday, a From 4 filing showed that this week one of the company’s beneficial owners, Gruber & McBaine Cappital Management LLC, had sold a total of 212,000 shares of IWSY common stock.

Xumanii (XUII) – The recent pick of Awesome Penny Stocks, Xumanii (XUII), keeps moving up on the chart today but trading volume remains lower than the 3-month average. So far XUII has risen 12% to $0.29 per share on a volume of 2.9 million. Apparently market players are still digesting yesterday’s announcement that the company had completed the development of its Xumanii Facebook Promoter Application. XUII is currently trading above the 50-MA but the stock doesn’t have enough trading history to produce reliable technical signals yet.

Affymax, Inc. (AFFY) – AFFY keeps flirting with its 50-MA while its shares are going up 1.69% to $1.2 per share on a volume of 500 thousand. The stock opened higher today and soared to an intraday high at $1.25 per share but shortly became overwhelmed by selling pressure which pushed the stock price lower. In this regard, if this pressure continues throughout the day, AFFY may finish in red numbers. So far today the trade value generated by AFFY exceeds $619 thousand.

Blue Earth, Inc. (BBLU) – BBLU is getting pummeled by a harsh selling pressure today as its stock is currently down 32% at $2.35 on a volume of 417 thousand, which is four times higher than the monthly average. Today BBLU opened slightly above the previous close at $3.6 per share but after 10:00am it fell down sharply to an intraday low of $2.15, which is close the 50-MA. Two days ago, one of the company’s beneficial owners, Davis Donald Jason, sold 5500 shares of BBLU’s common stock which may have been interpreted as a sell sign by market players.

Vapor Corp. (VPCO) – Shares of VPCO, a marketer and distributor of electronic cigarettes, are soaring today. VPCO stock has built a significant momentum and after breaching the resistance at $0.75 it has been scoring new 52-week highs every day. Today VPCO is trading 8% higher at $1.2 per share on a volume of 780 thousand which is much higher than the 3-month average. The stock reached an intraday high at $1.24 per share and has so far generated a trade value of $934 thousand. The stock is moving on rumors and message board speculations as there has been no news updates or SEC filings from the company since the end of May. VPCO has a market capitalization of $66 million and a 52-week range of 1.50-0.15.

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