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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 27, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 27, 2013

Posted: August 27, 2013 in :OTC Market News with 0 comments

Top Promoted Penny Stocks: TRLR, KGET, WTER

Although yesterday the US benchmark indexes traded above the previous close throughout most of the trading session, shortly before the closing bell they were suddenly afflicted by a heavy selling pressure which caused them to finish in the red.

The selling pressure was sparked after the UK prime minister stated that the chemical attack in Syria was an utterly atrocious act which must be responded to by the international community. This was enough to increase investors’ fears about a potential military attack against Syria.

If this happens, the US budget, which is about to hit its new ceiling in October, would be burdened additionally. Thus, bears got the upper hand on the US stock markets at the end of the day. The OTC Markets were not an exception from this situation as they have been moving below the previous close throughout the whole day.

The OTCM ADR Index closed the trading session 0.63% lower at 1,435.83. Nevertheless, the market movers which we covered yesterday performed contrary to the mood on the OTC Markets. Therefore, penny stock traders can still find profitable OTC Markets securities to trade, despite the deepening correction on the stock markets.

Today, penny stock investors can start their due diligence from the list of fresh promotions for Tuesday, Aug 27th. In order to ease the research process, we have provided an overview of the most significant market awareness campaigns for today:

TRLR logoTrulan Resources Inc. (TRLR) – At this stage TRLR looks like the most heavily promoted micro-cap company for today. The campaign is led by numerous stock promoters, who started flooding investors’ inboxes as soon as the last closing bell rang.

The third party which had sponsored TRLR’s current promotion is Microcap Innovations. The latter had invested $16,500 in the advertising effort as regards TRLR stock.

TRLR chartTRLR had not appeared in paid newsletters’ headlines since June 25. However, the campaign at that time couldn’t contribute to TRLR stock value, which declined to a new 52-week low in the middle of this month.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason TRLR generated a much higher than usual trading volume. In addition the share price of TRLR stock surged 29% to $0.009 per share. Today the stock value will be swayed by the influence of the new promotional campaign and the press release which the company issued earlier today.

The press release contained a summary update regarding the company’s Iron-Gold-Platinum (IGP) Project in Chile. TRLR has been moving in a trading range between $0.006 and $0.0085 for the last two weeks, but with the current artificial influence of the market awareness campaign, the stock may break the boundaries of its trading channel at the expense of a higher interim volatility.

KGET logoKleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. (KGET) – KGET is in the focus of the next significant invasion of penny stock newsletters for today. The campaign is led by numerous penny stock promoters, among which Breaking Bull, Psycho Penny Stocks, Investor News Source and others.

The promoters who have joined the campaign on KGET for the first time today have shared a compensation of $15,000, according to online databases. Online records also show that the compensation had been provided by 1949 Wizards Inc. and Micro-cap Consultants.

KGET chartKGET was previously promoted last Thursday, when the campaign coincided with the announcement that the company had signed a LOI to form a joint venture to develop hydrogen energy devices with Global Energy Technology. On that day, KGET generated a higher than average trading volume but the share price rose only 3% to $0.003 per share. The following day, KGET lost 33% of its stock value.

Today, KGET has also announced an update on its joint venture project with Global Apollo Kleangas Ltd (GAK). GAK had submitted project proposals for its Hydrogen Power Plants in Italy, Holland and Egypt.

WTER logoAlkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER) – WTER has been regularly promoted since the beginning of this month. However, today it turned out that third parties have invested a huge amount of money into the market awareness campaign on WTER.

WTER chartA newsletter issued by The Stock Junction and sponsored by Winning Media revealed in its disclaimer that the promoter, Investech Equity, had managed up to a $3 million advertising production budget as of August 1, 2013 in an effort to build industry and investor awareness.

Yesterday, the company announced that its bulk size mineral enhanced Alkaline Water had received approval for inclusion as part of the United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) national distribution network. As a result the value of KGET shares jumped 10% on the last trading session on a higher than average volume of 12 million.

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