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Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 20, 2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – Aug 20, 2013

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Top Promoted Penny Stocks: OMVS, ATTD, PGCX

Although yesterday the US Stock markets traded above the previous close in the first half of the trading session, eventually they all finished with significant declines, posting their longest negative trading sequence since the start of the year. The benchmark indexes are tanking due to the thin summer trading activity and the lack of a concrete signal form the Fed as regards the exit from the monetary stimulus program.

In addition, investors have been massively avoiding risks for the last couple of days after the yield on 10-year bonds registered new 2-year highs.

The OTC Markets also tanked heavily yesterday after the OTCM ADR Index fell 0.74% to 1,444.10. Unlike the other stock market indexes, the OTCM ADR indexes traded below the previous close throughout the whole trading session.

The markets are not expecting any significant economic news today, but investors will have their gaze focused on tomorrow’s briefing of FOMC, which may give a hint about the Fed’s intentions connected with the monetary policy.

Traders on the OTC Markets are most likely monitoring the most important promotional activities since the last closing bell, which are going to influence the forthcoming session on the penny stock markets. Therefore, below we provide an overview of the most actively promoted penny stocks for today:

OMVS logoOn The Move Systems Corp. (OMVS) – OMVS is one of the most heavily promoted penny stocks today. In addition, this is the first promotion of OMVS, so today the trading with this stock may get spicier than usual.

So far a whole host of promoters has been engaged into this campaign. Some of the popular names leading the promotion of OMVS are Hole in One Stocks, Micro-cap Digest, Phd Trading and so on. However, most of the promoters of OMVS didn’t reveal the source of their compensation, except for HSP Team which disclosed one22 Media LLC as a third party.

According to online databases, the cumulative compensation for the campaign on OMVS sums up to $15,000.

OMVS chartThis week OMVS tried to provide additional support for its stock by issuing two press releases. The first release came out yesterday, announcing that the company had relaunched its new business model. Penny stock traders, however, remained frigid to this announcement as the stock fell 23% to $0.10 per share on a below average volume of 13 thousand.

Today, the attempt to attract more attention to the stock has intensified, as besides the initiated promotion, OMVS issued another news release, saying that the company lined up emerging transportation providers for potential partnership and acquisition.

OMVS has been having hard times trying to increase the trading activity towards its stock and with average monthly volume of only 44 thousand, OMVS stock may be set-up for a much more interesting trading session today, now that the stock has got into the spotlight of promotions.

ATTD logoAttitude Drinks Incorporated (ATTD) – ATTD has also been featured in a promotional campaign this week. Yesterday, a newsletter touting ATTD issued by Mr Solvent for a compensation of $1,000 hit the market slightly after the opening bell.

As a result ATTD generated a trading volume above the monthly average but unfortunately its share price declined sharply and at the end of the day it finished 32% lower at $.0075 per share.

ATTD chartToday, ATTD has been featured in another paid newsletter. It was issued early in the morning by NYC Marketing, who had been compensated $15,000 for a one-day advertisement on ATTD.

This week ATTD stock also enjoys some fundamental support provided by the company. Yesterday, for example, ATTD announced that it had begun responding to repeat orders for Phase III in the Northeast and Southeast regions of USA. ATTD also claimed that it had recently produced over 8 thousand fresh cases of Phase III ready to be shipped immediately.

As we already mentioned, neither this announcement, nor yesterday’s promotion could stop ATTD from sinking down 32% during the trading session. This didn’t prevent ATTD from providing another fundamental helping hand to its stock, as today the company issued another press release to announce a distribution agreement between ATTD and Pine State Trading Co.

PGCX logoVirtual Sourcing, Inc. (PGCX) – The highest paid promotion for today has just hit the market. The campaign is dedicated to PGCX and is led by Winning Penny Stock Picks, We Pick Penny Stocks, Super-Hot Penny Stocks and other well-known penny stock promoters.

It is not clear which third parties stand behind this campaign, as no disclosure was provided in this regard. However, online databases show that the total compensation for this particular campaign is $40,000.

PGCX chartThis weekend the company announced that it had signed a letter of intent to purchase a company that is a recycler of paper, plastics and cardboard. On Monday, when the effect of this announcement was expected to be felt, PGCX stock fell 61% to $0.16 per share.

Today, however, PGCX has posted a significant jump in the first minutes of the trading session, rising 175% to $0.44 per share on a higher than average volume of 87 thousand shares. Yet, promoted stocks usually post extremely volatile sessions, so it is far from granted that PGCX will keep this appreciation till the closing bell.

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