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Daily OTC Markets Preview – 29.05.2013

Daily OTC Markets Preview – 29.05.2013

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Today’s forthcoming session on the OTC Markets looks like ready to explode with another dose of speculative promotional campaigns and corporate news updates on the horizon. On the first place we must admit that our radars have detected more than a dozen new promotions since the last closing bell, so we suggest to take a closer look at the most important ones:

TRLR logoTrulan Resources Inc. (TRLR) – Yesterday TRLR registered its heaviest trading session since the start of the month. The company managed to attract the attention of market players by announcing that its iron-gold-platinum project in Chile contained recoverable platinum worth $2.6 billion.

The bullish spark was also ignited by a wave of paid newsletters which aimed to spread the announcement to as much traders as possible. As a result the demand for TRLR stock surged sharply yesterday.

Thus at the end of the trading session more than 27 million shares of the company’s common stock changed hands which is eight times higher than the 3-month average volume. In addition the buying pressure pushed TRLR stock price 40% higher at $0.025 per share.

TRLR chartHowever, you are wrong to think that the PR machine which caused this buzz around TRLR will stop here. On the contrary, today investors’ inboxes were attacked by another wave of paid newsletters. The compensations which were disclosed by the numerous promoters sum up to $72 thousand which is roughly double the money spent on yesterday’s campaign.

At the same time, a couple of hours ago TRLR published another press release which announced that the company was considering to acquire a number of additional properties around its existing IGP project in Chile.

It is important to note that after the last trading session TRLR stopped at a level which had acted as a support line for the stock throughout March. So if TRLR manages to breach this level in the coming session the stock may give a stronger signal that it is building momentum.

However, as promotions often cause unpredictable reactions in stocks, it is uncertain how the stock will perform today.

FCCN logoSpectral Capital Corp. (FCCN) – FCCN is another company under heavy promotional fire. The campaign is led by 007 Stock Chat, Penny Stock Spy, Wall Street Scoop and On Time. The total compensation for the campaign is $31 thousand but no information was revealed about the sponsor of the promotion.

FCCN is a public company traded on the OTCQB market which acquires early stage technology companies that have the ability to grow into independent public companies. As of the last close the company stock traded at $0.398 per share.

FCCN chartThe company was last promoted on May 22nd when it generated a trading volume three times higher than average but the share price remained unchanged as compared with the previous close.

FCCN stock has been struggling with a stubborn resistance at $0.40 for the last couple of weeks, which remained intact even after the promotion. In addition FCCN has been in a downtrend since mid-March and is currently positioned under the 50-MA.

TENP logoTechnologies Scan Corp. (TENP) – TENP is also among the promoted companies today. What is notable about TENP is that it started trading only one week ago and it made its trading debut with a dramatic plunge that wiped almost 60% of its stock value in a single day.

On May 22nd TENP stock price went down from $0.22 to $0.085 on a trading volume of 1.2 million shares. On the same day the company was promoted by a group of stock promoters who had received $35,000 by RJLQ Investments SA for the service.

TENP chartTwo days later the company experienced another devastating blow to its stock value as it finished 43% lower than the previous close.

What is most spectacular after this dramatic stock crash is the fact that promoters continue to issue newsletters on the company. In order to ease the pains of promoters, third parties had provided a compensation of $14,000 for the new campaign.

The question is will promoters manage to attract more investors to TENP stock after this sharp bearish episode. It seems that the company is also trying to ease the situation by issuing several press releases this week.

Yesterday, for example, TENP announced it had signed an exclusive definite sales, marketing and commercialization agreement with Social Geek Media for its Proteina21 weight loss product. Another press release came out today saying that TENP had appointed Patrick Aube as its new CEO.

The outcome of today’s session will show if TENP has reached the bottom or or the company still seems overvalued to the market.

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