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Daily OTC Markets Preview – July 24, 2013

Top Promoted Penny Stocks: NUVI, IWEB, BYSD

Yesterday, the major US Stock Indexes went through a highly volatile session, starting with a strong bullish impulse following the global markets rally, but eventually two of the benchmark indexes, S&P 500 and Nasdaq, declined while Dow Jones finished slightly higher.

On the other hand, the situation on the OTC Markets was completely bullish as the OTCM ADR indexe registered a strong increase of 0.58% at 1,437.79. In order to prepare for the next exciting trading round on the OTC Markets we are going to examine today’s biggest promotions, which may exert some influence on the overall activity in the penny stock arena:

NUVI logoEmo Capital Corp. (NUVI) – For now, the campaign on NUVI is today’s biggest promotion. In fact this is the second day of NUVI’s campaign, and the first one was yesterday, which we already reported in a previous article.

The results of yesterday’s promotion boil down to a 2% increase in NUVI share price and a trading volume of 2.3 million which is more or less eighteen times higher than the monthly average. The stock closed the last trading session at $0.09, after hitting an intraday high at $0.115 during the day.

NUVI chartToday, the new campaign on NUVI boasts with a little bit higher compensation of $40,000, which was provided by a non-disclosed third party. The company, on its part, has obviously tried to enhance the advertising effect of the promotion because earlier today it issued its second in row press release for the week.

The corporate update, published through PRNewswire, commented that NUVI had entered into a payment processing agreement with, which meant that NUVI’s customers will have the opportunity to purchase the company’s natural male enhancement capsules through a secure and reliable payment network.

IWEB logoIceWEB, Inc. (IWEB) – Today, IWEB is one of the promo campaigns with the highest number of newsletters. There have been more than 11 promoters engaged in this campaign which include Stock Bomb, Stock Rock and Roll, stock Lock and Load and many others. However, not a single third party was revealed, so the sources of the $27,500, which were invested in IWEB’s promotion, remained unknown.

Literally an hour and a half ago, a press release came out announcing that two additional K-12 school systems have ordered new IceBOX BYOD implementations, further cementing the Company’s growing presence in the education sector.

IWEB chartBy means of this press release and the initiated promotion IWEB is going to try to add another white candlestick to its chart. In fact, IWEB stock value has been rising since the beginning of July, after the company hit a 52-week low at $0.02 and last week it even broke above the 50-MA.

After several fluctuations between the intraday high at $0.0365 and intraday low at $0.0302, IWEB finished the last session flat at $0.033 on a trading volume of 1.2 million.

IWEB is a company which provides data storage services, including purpose-built appliances and network and cloud attached storage solutions, as well as online cloud computing application services. The company is traded on the OPTCQB Market where it holds a market capitalization of $9.3 million.

BYSD logoBayside Corporation (BYSD) – Another promotion worth noting today is the one dedicated to BYSD as it has involved more than sixteen penny stock promoters.

The total compensation for the advertising efforts on BYSD sums up to $17,500. However third parties have remained anonymous in this camping as well, all expect Microcap Innovations, which were disclosed in the newsletter issued by Gold Medal Penny Stocks.

BYSD chartWith the first quotes of today’s trading session having arrived, it became obvious that the campaign on IWEB had brought a huge amount of trading interest which has resulted in a 130% increase in the share price and a volume explosion of 23 million.

BYSD is a development stage company which focuses on discovering and producing oil and natural gas properties primarily in the US. The company is currently valued at $662 thousand, according to Yahoo Finance.

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